Do your elected officials support pregnant and parenting students in school?

A Pregnancy Test for Schools
Send a copy of our groundbreaking report to your elected officials today.
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Have you ever seen MTV’s show “16 and Pregnant?” It tells the stories of girls trying to graduate from high school while juggling the responsibilities of parenthood. Their struggles aren’t glamorous or pretty — they’re real and heartbreaking. While some of the girls stay in school and graduate, many drop out. It shouldn’t have to be that way.

It may seem crazy, but Title IX — the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education — was enacted 40 years ago this month, yet schools still bar pregnant and parenting students from activities, discourage them from staying in school, push them into alternative programs and penalize them for pregnancy-related absences. All of that violates Title IX and increases the risk that students will drop out.

Today, the National Women’s Law Center is releasing a new report: A Pregnancy Test for Schools: The Impact of Education Laws on Pregnant and Parenting Students. This report ranks your state and shows how the vast majority of state education laws and policies fail to adequately support these students.

Send a copy of our groundbreaking report to your elected officials today. They need to know where your state stands and what pregnant and parenting students need to succeed.

So where does your state stand?

NWLC’s new report ranks all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico on the extent to which their laws and policies help pregnant and parenting students succeed. Some states have made great strides forward, but the majority of states have few or no laws, policies, or programs specifically designed to improve outcomes for these students. The report includes a toolkit for taking action in your community.

These policies matter because these students matter. Please make sure your elected officials get this report.

Thanks for helping to give pregnant and parenting students the support they need to graduate and succeed.